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Accelerators / TDEC


TDEC is a very fast primary or secondary ultra- accelerator used for natural and synthetic rubbers.  TDEC is also used as a secondary ultra-accelerator in combination with other accelerators such as benzothiazoles and sulfenamides and their cure systems.  TDEC offers very fast vulcanization.


Properties: Limits: Method:
Appearance: Yellow powder  
Specific Gravity kg/m3: 1.44 @ 20°C  
Melting Point ▫C min: 100.0 GB/T11409.1
Tellurium content, %: 16.5-19.0 Q/LH-0505-13(02)
Heat Loss, % max: 0.50 GB/T11409.4
Residue on sieve (63 μm): 0.50 GB/T11409.5
Residue on sieve (150 μm): 0.10 GB/T11409.5
Oil content, %: 0.0-2.0 Q/LH-901-13(02)