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Stabilizers / PVI


PVI functions as a pre-vulcanization inhibitor and anti-scorching agent for both natural and synthetic rubbers. This product provides predictable scorch control in most sulphur vulcanization. PVI provides improved cost performance through marginal stock recovery, single-stage mixing and higher processing and/or curing temperatures.


Properties:   Limits:  
  Powder Granules Method:
Appearance: White powder White granules  
Specific Gravity kg/m3: 1.33 @ 25°C 1.33 @ 25°C  
Melting Point ▫C min: 90.0 90.0 GB/T11409.1
Heat Loss, % max: 0.40 0.30 GB/T11409.4
Ash, % max: 0.40 0.30 GB/T11409.7
Residue on sieve (840 μm): 0.00 - GB/T11409.5
Oil content, %: 0.0-2.0 - Q/LH-0901-13(02)