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Quality Chemicals for the Rubber industry

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Company Profile

Quality, timely delivery, convenience, excellent customer service and cost savings – the driving forces and daily goals for SunBoss Chemicals.

These are the reasons we have been named a preferred supplier to a number of large and small rubber mixers in the US and Canada.


Why Choose SunBoss Chemicals?

•High Quality

•Competitive Pricing

•Excellent Customer Service and Support

•ISO Certified

•Large Inventory and Storage Capabilities

•Timely Deliveries


SunBoss Chemicals’ warehousing facility is over 50,000 square feet, with locations in Canada and the US.  We have representative offices, technical/laboratory support and sales service in Ontario, Quebec, Ohio, North Carolina, Texas and Shanghai, China.  

We ensure the highest quality standards, meet our customers' technical requirements and specifications and provide a communicative, timely delivery system throughout North America and Europe.